Water Extraction, Dry Out & Water Damage Repair

Water damage is among the leading restoration issue for many property owners. If not treated immediately, water seepage into buildings whether from plumbing leaks, roof leaks or a myriad of other water leakage sources can lead to major destructive processes such as rotting, growth, rusting, de-laminating of materials such as plywood and other household materials. With our highly trained and experienced staff and high tech water restoration equipment, CSB Restoration is ready to assist you with restoring the property to pre-loss condition and preventing the onset of mold and other microorganisms.

Fire & Smoke Damage Repair

Fire is one of the most devastating situations anyone can face. CSB Restoration Services is one of the top restoration services in Florida that handles all fire-related damage including smoke damage. Smoke damage restoration is one of the primary concerns during the fire restoration process. If smoke damage is not treated properly, it can cause more problems as it sits on the surface throughout the home. One of the most damaging things about a fire is not necessarily the flames but the water which is used to extinguish it. Although damage will be caused by the fire, water can cause more damage than the fire itself to your belongings and to the structure of the property. Let CSB Restoration Services assist!

Mold Remediation

CSB Restoration Services provides customers with a certified mold remediation team along with the necessary advanced technology to restore properties of molds and its associated damages. Water damage is usually the major cause of mold growth. Mold growth not only destroys walls, furniture, carpets and flooring, but it can also result in poor air quality. Untreated mold can cause respiratory problems including asthma, bronchitis and other mold allergy symptoms. Molds are likely to grow inside the building or on wet materials. Though there may be no visible signs of mold growth, most likely there is mold growth in hidden places, since it generally grows in a moist wet environment.

Storm & Flood Damage Repair

Windstorm, hail and rain are the most common causes of property damage. Wind can rip sidings off your home which can cause thousands of dollars for repairs especially if accompanied by rain. CSB not only offers services to repair damages caused by natural disasters, but also offers services that can help property owners to lessen, and in some cases, prevent potential damages. We provide Roof Damage Repair, Windows and Doors Emergency Board Up and Disaster Cleanup.

Other Emergency Services

Odor Removal and Disaster Clean Up
You can also contact CSB Restoration Services to safely prepare for storms and hurricanes as we offer to our clients an emergency board up service. With this, we help our property owners to remain calm and feel safe while natural disasters pass providing an experience of little or no damage at all to properties. CSB Restoration Services also offers assistance in removing possible unfavorable odors caused by smoke, dampness, wet carpet, water leakage, rot or fungi.



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